Booking Your Dream Holiday Home at Como Lake

Lakeside Attractions

Casa Leonica is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Italy and the world.
Centuries of history, culture and economic wealth have produced unique artistic treasures.
Visiting historic villas and centuries-old gardens is among the most enchanting of experiences to be had on the lake.
You can take an expertly guided tour of these masterpieces of architecture which exist in perfect symbiosis with nature.

Villa Melzi
Villa Balbianello
Villa Monastero
Villa Erba
Villa Olmo

Hire a small motorboat ( no license required ) and, visible only from the water,  admire the private villas and gardens of such celebrities as George Clooney, the Versace family and Richard Branson, Lionel Messi, Robert Pattinson.

The City of Como
Como is largest city on the lake and one of the most interesting in northern Italy.
Founded during the Roman era and surrounded by fortified walls, it offers artistic treasures that are historically relevant and a stunning lakefront area with panoramic views.
The city center is bubbling with activity on account of the number of premium shops, restaurants and bars.
Lovers of classical architecture mustn’t  miss the cathedral, the Duomo, begun in 1396,
was nearly four-centuries in the making.
The Romanesque church of San Fedele sits a little further back from the lake and is smaller but is no less impressive.
The city also boasts the Basilica of Sant’Abbondio, the Temple of Volta, the Civic Museum of Archeology and the magnificent Villa Olmo.
Rationalist architecture flourished in Como between 1920 and 1950,  and architect Giuseppe Terragni  designed some of its most famous examples.  Buildings such as Casa del Fascio in Piazza del Popolo are among the most relevant of all examples of modern architecture.
Do you still have time?
Take the funicular from Como to the Hill of Brunate and, from 800 meters, enjoy the breathtaking view.


Bellagio    “ The Pearl of Lario “
From here, you can admire one of the most beautiful views of the lake, and, if you’re looking for more beauty, enjoy exploring the historical center of the village and the villas Melzi and Serbelloni, the Museum of Navigational Instruments, the Torre Delle Arti exposition center, and the Romanesque Basilica of San Giacomo.

Easily reachable from Bellagio by comfortable ferry service, Varenna resting on the eastern side of the lake was originally a small fishing village.  Tourists can take a stroll along the walkway that is suspended over the lake and the pedestrian footpaths beyond and enjoy the enchanting view of the front of Bellagio and the Alps.

Cernobbio is an internationally renowned touristic locality with aristocratic charms.  Here you can find the Villa Erba, a grand convention and exposition center and the Grand Hotel Villa d’Este.

Isola Comacina:
This is the only island in Lake Como and has long been uninhabited.  You can visit the small Baroque Church of San Giovanni, the Romanesque Basilica of Sant’Eufemia and Antiquarium Museum, entirely dedicated to local archaeological findings.
There is a gourmet restaurant on the Island.


To each his own when it comes to holidays. For some it is art, for some food, for others adventure and still others nature.  With its characteristic eclectic and lively spirit and its various neighborhoods, each with its own particular atmosphere, Milan is a city with something for everyone. Needless to say, Milan is rich in history, architecture and museums.
Admire it from above: From Duomo terrace or from the roof of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, your gaze can roam from the steeples of the cathedral over the roofs of the city center to the distant Alps.  If the day is clear, go at sunset and the city will seduce you.
Once you have satisfied your thirst for culture, remember that Milan is the capital of fashion and style. So cut out some time to walk in the fashion quarter.
Treat yourself to a little “ made in Italy ” shopping.
To satisfy the palate, you need only decide what you’re in the mood for.  In this cosmopolitan metropolis you will find food for all tastes, from Michelin Star restaurants to quaint trattorias to delectable street food.

Milan is reachable by car or comfortably by train from Como Lago Station.
The trip, in either case, takes approximately an hour.

Lugano is about one hour by car from Casa Leonica.
It is the most important center of Ticino, one of the Italian-speaking regions in Switzerland.
A famous touristic place, the city center faces the lake for which it is named.  It enjoys a beautiful climate and remarkable landscapes, which warrant the travel.

Sankt Moritz
Sankt Moritz is about two hours away by car from Casa Leonica.
The famous mountain locality in the Grigioni state in Switzerland is known worldwide for the enviable beauty of the nature that surrounds it.
It is a favorite destination of international jet-setters.

Bergamo is about two hours from Torno by car.
The Medieval, the Renaissance and the Baroque are here united in time, forming an urban texture of incomparable beauty and harmony.
The upper part of the city is older, cluttered with churches, historical buildings and monuments of notable artistic value.

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